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We design for the hospitality and retail sectors creating bars, restaurants and private clubs. We also work with a select number of private clients creating their dream homes. Our Studio provides a variety of services including interior architecture, interior design, furniture and lighting design.


We believe that the very best design comes from great conversation and collaboration. Working closely with clients and project teams, Vorobyov Design Buro ensures that every stage of the design, research, and planning process is handled thoroughly and with care.


We specialise in the creation of great brand experiences that exceed expectations, deliver competitive advantage and change consumer behaviour.


зал 02.jpg

Modern Mansion on the Pechersk Hills

The picturesque terrace of a cozy mansion that is located on the Pechersk hills offers a breathtaking view of the city panorama. The modern style of the interior perfectly accentuates the merits of house layout...

View Apartment in the historic part of Kyiv

In the heart of Podol there is, there is a spacious apartment which has an amazingly impressive city view of the historic part of Kyiv.  In order to keep the authentic vibes of the house...

д зал 02.jpg
кор 02.jpg

This apartment was designed for a true connoisseur of art who has a quite rare sense of fashion and style - Vita Kin, a fashion designer. The Mid Century style immerses guests...

Welcome to the apartment that is designed by and for Vorobyov Design Buro  Chief Designer. This is like a paradise for a creative person , for one who likes space and freedom as much as order...

20-12-07 109 web.jpg
22-02-03 138 web.jpg

The project stands out with its refined minimalism where clean geometric shapes harmoniously blend with a vibrant natural color palette...

An Italian restaurant

An Italian restaurant in a traditional style incorporating modern technologies and materials offers a unique experience for guests. The main color scheme of the interior...

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