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Vita in da House

the apartment for Vita Kin, a fashion designer

This apartment was designed for a true connoisseur of art who has a quite rare sense of fashion and style - Vita Kin, a fashion designer. The Mid Century style immerses guests in the luxurious atmosphere of the 50-70s of the last century.


The exclusive handmade furniture deserves special attention here. Each chair is a precious historical piece that can readily be called a true work of art. The unique spirit of the time is enhanced by an exquisite collection of paintings. The apartment is full of elegance which is an attribute of the past generation lifestyle. For sure it”s the source of never-ending aesthetic pleasure and inspiration for the lady who owns this apartment.

City: Kyiv

Apartment area: 180 square meters

кор 02.jpg
спа 02.jpg
спа 05.jpg
спа 06.jpg
спа 08.jpg
спа 10.jpg
зал 07.jpg
спа 04.jpg
зал 01.jpg
зал 04.jpg
зал 02.jpg
зал 05.jpg
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