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An Italian restaurant

An Italian restaurant in a traditional style incorporating modern technologies and materials offers a unique experience for guests. The main color scheme of the interior, which consists of shades of olive in the furniture and warm beige travertine on the wall, creates an atmosphere of coziness and style. Wooden floors and marble details add luxury, which makes the space suitable for pleasant evenings and gatherings.


The restaurant is skillfully divided into two zones, offering various options for visitors. The first zone is a cozy café, an ideal place to relax with a cup of aromatic cappuccino. The main hall welcomes guests and invites them to enjoy the authentic Italian atmosphere, offering exquisite dishes of Italian cuisine. Every detail of the interior is carefully thought out to create a unique atmosphere where guests can enjoy not only delicious food but also a pleasant environment.

Apartment area: 1305 square meters

City: Center of Kyiv

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